Family History

Family History
Researching family trees have become quite popular and inevitably researchers who discover that a long last relative was a railwayman, be he a porter at a wayside station or one of the alleged many drivers of the Flying Scotsman, are keen to find out more about him.
The Glasgow and South Western Railway staff records were transferred from St Enoch Glasgow at the Grouping in 1923, and found their way down (after some loss of information) to Euston in London.  Here a huge proportion were destroyed in bombing during World War 2.
The Association does not have a record of staff.  We do not have the resources to collate all the mentions of staff and personnel which exist in a variety of forms.  If any family researcher would like to assist us, we will be happy to give them every opportunity.
The majority of railway personnel did their jobs diligently, quietly and unobtrusively.  Some got their names in the local (or national) newspapers.  Such publicity could be as a result of winning an award for best kept station, or upon retiral.  There were rather grimmer ways as well... Local newspapers can be a good source, if not for immediate information them for finding out about the environment.


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